Active Citizen

1. Introduction

Being an Active Citizen is much MORE than just turning up to vote. Your country can benefit enormously if you could also actively collect and process data about you and data around you for the government.

Being an Active Citizen means having your government working WITH you instead of just for you.

Citizen Synergy solves the Privacy vs Visibility conundrum allowing you to contribute in an extremely private yet enormously useful way.

  1. Start with Virtual Vaccine to fight current COVID-19 outbreaks and prevent future pandemics from ever happening again.

  2. Signals gathered during contact tracing can be used to build a sovereign terrestrial geo-positioning system for your country, no rocket nor satellite required!

  3. After you have gained some experiences you can move onto Artificial Intelligence where data is gold - for you and for your country.

  4. From reducing traffic jams to proofing innocence in courts, the possibilities are endless.

2. Links

The active citizen concept has been around for a long time, we are just expanding it to include actively processing data (e.g. on your mobile phone) for the common good.


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