88.io is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to advance cooperation between different Citizen Ecosystems worldwide in tackling global problems.

88.io also acts as an citizen ecosystem incubator, helping countries to deploy their own citizen ecosystems rapidly by providing any missing components they need during the startup phase.

1. Swiss Verein

Currently, 88.io is a department within the Knowledge By Design Pty. Limited company in Australia, it is expected to spin out into an independent global organisation after the 24.07 release of the Private Cyberspace, one possible structure is in form of a Swiss Verein.

Global Scale

A major difference between citizen compute and cloud compute is the tight integration with the governments of each country.

In order to scale worldwide in an equitable manner, Citizen Compute has a national component made up of Citizen Ecosystems in each nation, as well as an international component to promote Citizen Synergy between nations.


Instead of giving your data to the CLOUD PLATFORMS and use their compute power for processing, 88.io enables you (no matter your skill or wealth levels) to retain your data and use the latent compute power within the CITIZEN ECOSYSTEM for processing.

88.io transforms internet USERS to OWNERS by giving them Private Cyberspaces they have full control of and empowering them to work together to build Citizen Synergy.

Having control of your data adds new dimensions to you digital life:

  1. Data that were too private for the cloud can now be analyzed by you.
  2. Automations that were not profitable for the cloud can now be deployed by you.
  3. Control that was given away to the cloud can now be retained by you.
  4. Interruptions from cloud notifications and advertisements can now be stopped.
  5. Views clouded by commercial rankings and recommendations can now be cleared.
  6. Activities in the interest of users instead of cloud can now be performed.
  7. Income from processing and data that were captured by the cloud can now be received.

1. Your Asset

Information is your most important asset – knowing or disclosing just ONE extra piece of information could change your life and might even save the world.

Yet currently most of your information is stored remotely in the Cloud, controlled and processed by parties that have DIFFERENT interests and aspirations to you.

You interact through their interfaces and you play by their rules, basically you have lost control – your most important asset is NO longer yours - it is THEIRS.

1.1. Reclaim Your Asset

Import Compute instead of Export Data


Your data are not useful by themselves, they need some compute power to make them into Information Assets of value that you can own and trade.

  • Currently DATA is given to those with COMPUTE power (the Cloud).
  • 88.io gives COMPUTE power to those with DATA (you).

Instead of exporting your data to the cloud's compute power to build up THEIR information assets, with just ONE CLICK you can now import compute and build up YOUR own information assets.

Never build your house on someone else's land.

The benefits of having your own Information Asset is similar to owning other assets:

  • Like driving your car instead of taking the bus
    now you can drive anywhere without worrying about bus timetables ...

  • Like owning your home instead of paying rent
    now you can renovate your home without asking the landlord ...

Freedom is not the only benefit, ownership of information assets can add many new dimensions to your life.

As if the above advantages are not compelling enough at a personal level, the real power comes when information assets of many individuals work together to solve big common problems at a community level - and that is exactly what we have done.

1.2. Universal Ownership

Unlike car and home assets, you do NOT need to invest much money in acquiring your information assets.

88.io is about delivering Universal Ownership of information assets. 88.io empowers you to create your own Private Cyberspace.

ANYONE can build up their own information assets,
independent of their WEALTH and SKILL levels.

Information asset consists of Applications running on top of Infrastructures, currently BOTH are being dominated by the Cloud.

88.io multiplies the benefits of Private Cyberspaces millions of times by creating Citizen Synergy between them, so they can solve the toughest problems facing humankind together.

Our Citizen Synergy technology revolutionises Infrastructure Affordability while our Private Cyberspace technology revolutionises Application Usability, enabling a paradigm shift from centralised cloud computing towards decentralised private computing.


This step change is similar to how Personal Computers revolutionised Infrastructure Affordability while Graphical Interfaces revolutionised Application Usability in the 1980s. The resulting mass decentralisation of computing transformed small companies like Apple, Microsoft etc. into the giants today.

1.3. Immediate Utility - Solving COVID

With just ONE CLICK you can start building up your information assets by running Private Cyberspace applications in your web browser on your first Citizen Synergy infrastructure - your mobile phone.


After the one click install, you can use the numerous sensors bundled in your Private Cyberspace to grow your information assets quickly and automatically.

The data you have collected can be used immediately by Virtual Vaccine to fight COVID from a complementary angle to real vaccines.

Instead of paying for endless real vaccines that only last a few months, taxpayer funds are probably better spent making sure every citizen have access to a Virtual Vaccine capable mobile phone - the price of which is LESS than one vaccine shot. That same phone can also run other citizen applications that can benefit the whole nation.

2. Infrastructure Affordability

88.io pushes infrastructure cost and complexity down to unprecedented levels, so everyone can now afford to have information infrastructure that they can control.

Whoever controls the infrastructure controls the applications running on it. The applications in turn controls your data, your worldview and even you.


88.io enables you to turn the tables:
You now control all applications through your own infrastructure, instead of the being controlled by Cloud infrastructure through its applications.

2.1. Micro Infrastructures

88.io Citizen Synergy turns compute Users into compute Owners by breaking up monolithic cloud infrastructure that have DIFFERENT interests to their users into billions of user owned low cost micro infrastructures that have the SAME interests as their owners.


There are 2 types of micro infrastructures within Citizen Synergy, based on the amount of ownership you have:

  1. Home Infrastructure - you have FULL control
    A personal compute zone for collecting, processing and storing your Information Assets (e.g. emails, photos, wifi signals, shopping barcodes etc.).

  2. Crowd Infrastructure - you have PARTIAL control
    A community compute zone for interacting (e.g. exchange assets), sharing (e.g. educational videos), aggregating (e.g. hardware resources) and collaborating (e.g. fight COVID) between member information assets.

Home Infrastructure is great for or applications that enable you to THINK clearly.
Crowd Infrastructure is great for applications that enable you to ACT effectively.

2.2. Home Infrastructure

Home Infrastructure is used to collect, process and store your most private data, so must be made up of devices that you have FULL control.

You already OWN 2 of 3 components that made up your Home Infrastructure, DATA and HARDWARE, 88.io just sprinkle some SOFTWARE on top of them!

The costs of all 3 components in your Home Infrastructure are insignificant:

  1. DATA - 88.io enables you to collect more data for yourself and export less data to the cloud. You just go about your normal everyday life and 88.io will help soak up all the data for you.

  2. HARDWARE - 88.io releases latent compute power in your existing devices. For example, keeping your phone and laptop hard at work processing your data while you sleep at night!

  3. SOFTWARE - 88.io is FREE to use for personal and non-commercial purposes. Only when you make money from your information assets do you need to share part of your revenue (expect to be around 1% but have your say about whether that is the right level).

The first piece of Home Infrastructure you acquire is your mobile phone, from there you can add more devices (e.g. desktop computers, servers, cameras, TVs, broadband routers etc.) that you have full control into your information asset.

For those who do not want to install and configure software on computers themselves, there are prebuilt turnkey computers called Home Stations that can be purchase:

  1. Virtual Hardware
  2. Recycled Hardware
  3. ARM64 Hardware
  4. x84-64 Hardware

2.3. Crowd Infrastructure

Crowd Infrastructure is used for interacting (e.g. exchange assets), sharing (e.g. educational videos), aggregating (e.g. hardware resources) and collaborating (e.g. fight COVID) between information assets.

The basic components of Crowd Infrastructure are similar to Home Infrastructure, but there are extra rules that Crowd Infrastructures have to follow, since they are handling the computing and data for Home Infrastructures that do not trust each other.

So owning infrastructure is important, but there is a limit to how much infrastructure one person can own.

88.io's Crowd Infrastructure aggregates the resources from millions of others giving individuals almost unlimited resources. Now ONE individual has the ability to drive THOUSANDS of external computers.

2.3. Infrastructure Management

Beside costs, Citizen Synergy also pushes the skills required to manage infrastructure down.

A simple point and click interface enables individuals and communities with NO technical skills to assemble their own Citizen Synergy infrastructure rapidly and cheaply by mixing and matching applications and infrastructures.


Crowd infrastructures are abstracted as Disposable Nodes that run on host equipment with known owner and location. Disposable Nodes can be hosted anywhere, from the basement of the in-laws to data centres thousands of kilometres away.


Anyone with spare resources (e.g. working laptop with cracked screen, unused disk space, empty shelf to host equipment, free Sunday afternoon to train AI etc.) can share those resources in a safe and rewarding manner by creating a Crowd Infrastructure Node with ONE COMMAND.

2.2 Usability

Traditional information te

88.io software has built-in feedback to make it EASY for anyone to build their own information assets - whatever their income, age, knowledge, skill etc.

  • Private Cyberspace personal zone can be created with just ONE CLICK.
  • Citizen Synergy community zone can be created by with just ONE COMMAND.

To enable anyone to benefit revenue funded, that means it is FREE if you do not make money from it and

Both types of compute zones can be created EASILY and INSTANTLY:

Your phone and laptop are not powerful enough to organise the world's information but they are enough to process your own information.

88.io especially if they keep working while you are asleep and if you work together with others when extra resources are needed.

88.io has personal software for you to built up your own compute grid called Private Cyberspace and community software for

to you, so you can built up your information assets cheaply and easily:

Save The Planet by processing your data yourself on your own devices:

  • No need to ship your data thousands of kilometres away and dissipation of concentrated heat is no longer required.
  • Recycle old devices around you
    they are not enough to organise the world's information but effective in processing each individual's own information.

88.io is about redirecting those EXISTING compute power in those devices:

Unleashing the compute power in those devices, so they can work for their Owners instead for the cloud.

2. Productive Privacy

2.1. Personal and Community Zones

88.io gives you the computing power required to transfers control of your data from the Cloud back to you, so YOU instead of them benefit from your data.

88.io is an information ecosystem that enables you to grow your information assets and receive significant returns from them.

2.2. Citizen Ecosystem

All zones exist independent of each other and can associate with each other in any manner they like. A Citizen Ecosystem (like 88.io) is formed when a number of zones decided to follow the same set of rules in associating with each other.

Zones can belong to multiple ecosystems and can create new ecosystems as they like. This is very different to platforms where all its users depend entirely upon the platform.


  • Ecosystems grow by DIVERSITY - value of the ecosystem depends on the variety of offerings provided by many Owners within the ecosystem.
  • Platforms grow by CONFORMITY - value of the platform depends on the number of users following that one platform's offering.

Platforms are about locking Users in. Ecosystems are about Owners standing out.

2.3. Ownership Benefits

88.io adds a new dimension to your digital life that was not available under Cloud computing: you are no longer a PASSIVE data source, you are ACTIVELY shaping your information environment.

For the first time in history, you can record and review every second of your everyday safely in your Private Cyberspace and you can access and work with every member of any community safely through Citizen Synergy.


88.io's first service Virtual Vaccine is preloaded in all Private Cyberspaces - which you can create one for yourself instantly with just ONE CLICK.

With that you can experience how 88.io's revolutionary advantages can be used to solve large scale intractable problems that have been troubling ALL governments worldwide - in this case how Virtual Vaccine can solve the COVID-19 problem better than any other existing solution.

3.1. Productive Privacy

Apple and Google could have ended the COVID pandemic within weeks using the data on people's phones, months before vaccine availability. If the Cloud can control how you think, it certainly knows whether you have been exposed.

Although Apple and Google are using our location data commercially themselves, probably due to privacy concerns, the current codeveloped Apple and Google bluetooth COVID mobile phone solution is restricted to governments only and in fact forbids the use of citizen location data for fighting COVID.

  • What if citizens can BYPASS the restrictions imposed by mobile phone platforms ?
    Then they can create amazing solutions that are beyond profit driven companies !

  • What if citizens can process their location data on their own devices THEMSELVES ?
    Then all privacy concerns will be gone as their data are NO longer disclosed to others !

88.io gives citizens not just the capability but also the incentive to collect and process data privately on their own devices instead of sending their raw data away to remote computing facilities for processing.


88.io solves the Personal Privacy vs Virus Visibility Conundrum by separating computing into personal and community zones.

Instead of supplying raw data to external parties, citizens process their data in their Private Cyberspace personal zones and supply only INSIGHTS from those data to the Citizen Synergy community zones and receive REWARDS for those insights anonymously.

Citizens can now use their data productively yet maintaining privacy.

Increased Speed

Centralised Government Contact Tracing do not have the necessary speed to isolate the COVID virus in a timely manner.

With 88.io the contact tracing speed can be substantially improved if citizen can contact trace themselves continuously on their mobile phones using Private Cyberspace software and interact anonymously with others through Citizen Synergy software running on community nodes when necessary.


This citizen driven Decentralised Continuous Contact Tracing can be used to improve the recommended contact tracing time from 2 DAYS down to 2 MINUTES.

Virtual Vaccine is based on the data owners interacting anonymously with each other directly, so contact tracing works across any government boundaries seamless. Exposed citizens WORLDWIDE will be notified instantly even when the positive case has just arrived or left the country.


As shown in the image above, the citizen's Private Cyberspace (and thus the Virtual Vaccine service) knows where the citizen is at any point in time, so the citizen can OPTIONALLY set up automatic reporting of some contact tracing data to the local governments of the areas they have visited.

Increased Compute

COVID has overwhelmed the contact tracing platforms of almost ALL GOVERNMENTS on earth. 88.io distributes the contact tracing load to millions of citizen mobile phones enabling it to function no matter how large the outbreak.


Besides handling almost unlimited load (each mobile can contact trace days of movements in minutes), another critical benefit is the speed and relevancy of notification.

There is no need for centralised notification of everyone by a SINGLE department. Each private cyberspace is responsible only for its owner. So each need to notify only those potentially infected by its owner.

People at risk are informed directly by others through Citizen Synergy and those in high risk settings (e.g. work in aged care) can receive extra precautionary notifications even when their risks of exposure are low.

1.2. Citizen Ecosystem Inventions

The Citizen Ecosystem has numerous inventions to ensure that all interactions and computing performed are safe and trustworthy.


Private Cyberspace has CONTROL of operations in Citizen Synergy zone at all times. For example:

  1. Sovereign Transaction controls who process your data
  2. Dynamic Alias controls what identity to use
  3. Homomorphic Encryption controls how your data is protected
  4. Virtual Private Mesh controls how relevant parties can communicate
  5. Fuzzy Blockchain controls how trustworthy the data should be

3.3. Unchained Application

Some traditional applications have been preload into your cyberspace, so you can see how they can be improved INSTANTLY by taking advantage of 88.io's unique features (e.g. virtual private mesh for online security, infinite disk for unlimited capacity etc.).

Beyond boosting tradition applications, new citizen applications are being developed and the first one Virtual Vaccine has been deployed in 88.io.

Traditional applications and infrastructures can work within each zone, but only zone-aware Citizen Application and Crowd Infrastructure can operate across zones.

Application Developers can now develop applications without the constraints imposed by a few dominant infrastructures.


All transactions within the Crowd Infrastructure are protected by Dynamic Alias and underpinned by Fuzzy Blockchains to ensure that everyone is playing by the rules.


The world's first Citizen Application, Virtual Vaccine, has been developed rapidly using those 3 application modules that is available to all developers.

  1. Fiduciary Exchange to underpin all community interactions
  2. Geo Position to provide indoor capable high precision geo-positioning
  3. Home Digital Hub to process and store private information


Virtual Vaccine is now bundled inside all Private Cyberspaces, so anyone with an Android or iOS phone can help end this pandemic quickly.

With the privacy protections offered by privacy cyberspaces and citizen synergy, the massive amount of information collected from Virtual Vaccine can be used to substantially improve a nation's economy, productivity and safety.

Increased Accuracy

Centralised Government Contact Tracing do not have the necessary visibility to locate the virus precisely.

Privacy concern means the limited amount of data collected by government in contact tracing operations have insufficient accuracy and speed to combat the spread of COVID.

Citizens can collect as much and as detailed data as they like, if they do NOT have to disclose those raw data to others. Movements through the day, neighbour wifi signals, headset bluetooth signals, rapid antigen test results, cafe QR codes, shopping receipts - EVERYTHING can be collected privately on citizen devices for own private use.


Besides gaining unprecedented situation awareness themselves, citizens can OPTIONALLY work with others and donate or sell some of those awareness in a privacy preserved way to help track the virus down to meters and cut its legs off within minutes by notifying others.

3.4. Tangible Reward

Besides fixing up numerous problems with centralised government contact tracing systems (e.g. security problems), an unique benefit of Virtual Vaccine is it ability to generate income for its users.

Currently massive amount of centrally collected QR code scanning data are supposed to be deleted after a certain time. If those data are stored by the citizens themselves then those data can be kept for other purposes.

Important data (e.g. vaccine breakthroughs, negative antigen results) not even collected because the health departments are overwhelmed with too much data - this is where 88.io can help.

With the combined compute and data from the whole population, many other applications are possible e.g. building a sovereign terrestrial indoor capable geo-positioning system for your country - no satellite nor rocket needed!

And why stop at aggregating just phones? Millions of water tanks and tethered balloons working together may contribute towards solving the energy storage and the rural inequality problems that most countries are currently facing.

The funding ideals behind Citizen Ecosystem is similar to those of the Exit to Community movement but instead of existing to the community at the end, we are embedding ownership in the community right from the beginning.


3.5. Universal Ownership

All humans have the right to the ownership of their data, regardless of their skill, wealth and other circumstances. 88.io have been designed to allow
cover the maximum population by

and circumstances. 88.io has been designed specifically to deliver

88.io has been designed to operate at low

Both personal and community compute zones can be created INSTANTLY by installing Private Cyberspace and Citizen Synergy software on their devices.


Private Cyberspaces can be created by ANY INDIVIDUAL with just ONE CLICK.

Citizen Synergy nodes can be created by ANY COMMUNITY with just ONE COMMAND.

For communities that do not want to set up Citizen Synergy nodes themselves, they can use Public Nodes provided by other communities like contacttrace.com.au or use Turnkey Nodes that can be deployed on a range of sites of their choice (from data centres to home basements).

After ONE CLICK installation of Private Cyberspace on their mobile phone and people can start to build information assets in it within ONE SECOND, no skill nor wealth required.

4. Information Asset

Those organisations on the Internet or Blockchain that take your data to benefit themselves instead of you, we collectively called them the Cloud.

When the Cloud processes and stores your data, you lose control and thus ownership of your data.

Your data become their information asset, benefiting them more than of you. In some cases, they even use your data to control you.

Your data are not useful by themselves, they need some compute power to make them into a valuable Information Assets.

88.io is a citizen ecosystem that enables you to grow your information assets and receive significant returns from them. Instead of giving your DATA to those that have COMPUTE power (the Cloud). 88.io gives COMPUTE power to those that have DATA (you).

88.io gives you the computing power required to transfers control of your data from the Cloud back to you, so YOU instead of them benefit from your data.

For example, since your location data is already being sold you might as well sell them yourself under YOUR terms - which includes not selling them at all. Taking control of your data is not just about money, it is about preventing others influencing your decisions and actions as well.

With just ONE CLICK, you can create you own Private Cyberspaces and start adding value to it by collecting data about yourself and your environment in just ONE SECOND.

Besides increasing your personal privacy and income, the most exciting new capability you get instantly with that ONE CLICK is working with other private cyberspaces through Citizen Synergy to solve the biggest problems facing humankind e.g. COVID.

No matter your wealth and skill levels, you can now gain unique insights into your life and earn income from your data by building up your OWN information assets instead of building the cloud's information assets.

88.io's dual zone design has a lot of advantages:

  1. Easy
    Your Private Cyberspace can be created with just ONE CLICK on your mobile phone and you can start collecting data into it in ONE SECOND. Anyone can build up their own information assets easily using touch screen and voice.

  2. Smart
    Train your OWN artificial intelligence yourself instead of giving your data to the Cloud and train theirs. Take photos of receipts and let your AI review your life style, find bargains, sell data etc. exclusively on your behalf.

  3. Frugal
    88.io delivers compute power to you at ALMOST NO COST by consuming idle resources on your phone and laptop. It lets you tap into EXCESS resources worldwide under protection of dynamic alias and homomorphic encryption.

  4. Private
    Privacy is NO LONGER an issue since you are processing your data yourself. You can now analyse and get insight into everything - when were the last TEN times you went to toilet or wore that dress?

  5. Profitable
    Profit from your data instead of giving away to the Cloud. You are the only one with complete spending history ACROSS all loyalty and payment systems. Anonymously sell data e.g. disclose product effectiveness to manufacturers, traffic delays to other drivers etc.

Within each zone, 88.io breaks up the components inside as well. For example, Application and Infrastructure are separated into 2 independent layers. So in Australia there are 2 separate companies, contacttrace.com.au providing application services and oztralia.com providing infrastructure services.

Millions of mobile phones and home computers working together can solve some of the toughest problems facing humankind, from an unlimited data storage to ending pandemics forever.


Within layers, functions are further divided into multiple ownerships, to increase reliability and performance, as well as prevent a small number of entities controlling any operation.

5. Our Plan

A trial version of 88.io is available now:

  • To build your own Private Cyberspace - ONE CLICK
  • To build a community Citizen Synergy node - ONE COMMAND

Work with others and create your own Citizen Ecosystems in your countries.

5.1. Our Inventions

As a tool for creating Citizen Ecosystems, 88.io is about

  1. distribution of power to the citizens (with Private Cyberspace)
  2. facilitation of collaboration between citizens (with Citizen Synergy)

Our mission is to solve the world's toughest problems using those 2 steps. So far we have applied them to problems like COVID-19, centralisation of the internet, manipulation of public blockchains etc.

It is amazing how much we can rethink our existing systems and processes if millions of citizens become more active in improving the environment they are in.


All the inventions above are based on empowering the citizen (with Private Cyberspace) then encouraging them to work together (with Citizen Synergy).

Five of those inventions (Dynamic Alias, Virtual Vaccine, Fiduciary Exchange, Infinite Disk, Disposable Node) have been deployed and you can try them out with just ONE CLICK.

Partition AI is in mid-stage development, you will see it popping up recognising the shopping receipts you scanned or a voice command you spoke as you go about using 88.io.

We have just started with Water Pile and Float Mesh, so everything is still exploratory. We are not energy nor aerostat experts, but are excited in applying our signature 2 steps to solve problems outside of our information technology comfort zone.

5.2. About Us

Since deploying the Australia's first VoIP service in 1997 (currently we have the longest running VoIP service in the world) the team has supplied telecom systems to operators around the world (China, Indonesia, Lebanon etc.). We have also developed diverse information technologies for our clients, from mobile point of sale systems to number plate recognition car park systems.

Given our telecom root, one of the first feature we gave Private Cyberspaces telephone capabilities to handle Voice, Fax, DTMF and SMS.

More than 25 years of system development and deployment across a range of hardware and software platforms have been guided by our 3 philosophies of respecting individual dignity, promoting social equity and improving system quality.


Unlike our previous projects (which deliver technologies to clients under our philosophies), 88.io is being delivered by wrapping technologies around our philosophies instead.

Introductory Web Pages

  1. WHY Private Cyberspace?
        New Insight, Income, Impact

  2. WHAT is Private Cyberspace?
        Information Ownership

  3. WHAT is Citizen Synergy?
        Breakthrough Usability and Affordability

  4. WHAT is Citizen Ecosystem?
        Trustworthy Interactions and Collaborations

  5. CREATE Private Cyberspace instantly?
        Just One Click

Our Domains

1. Incubation Domains

As an incubator 88.io normally operates services under it own domain before the services matures migrates across to their own domain e.g. aunsw.88.io is an incubation domain for an Area Entity running services that will be migrating to the aunsw.au production domain in the future.

Private Cyberspaces may be these incubation domain for experiments but should not use them in production.

2. Reference Domains

88.io operates some services

These should not be the primary services used by should not be u

3. Collaborative Domains


A global phone number directory


A global storage for public good projects that do not have access to storage with very high capabity and reliability.

Infrastructure Kickstart Program

As Private Cyberspaces are designed to net income positive, most Citizen Ecosystems can start by bootstrapping in most countries. However, for varies reasons, some countries might find it difficult to get started e.g. not enough existing cloud income to redirect from cloud platforms back to the cyberspace owners, not enough industry base to benefit from the productivity gains etc.

Countries that belong to World Bank's 2024 fiscal year lower income economies (low-income and lower-middle income) may benefit from 88.io's Infrastructure Kickstart program.

Low Income
Afghanistan Korea, Dem. People's Rep South Sudan
Burkina Faso Liberia Sudan
Burundi Madagascar Syrian Arab Republic
Central African Republic Malawi Togo
Chad Mali Uganda
Congo, Dem. Rep Mozambique Yemen, Rep.
Eritrea Niger
Ethiopia Rwanda
Gambia, The Sierra Leone
Guinea-Bissau Somalia
Lower Middle Income
Angola Jordan Philippines
Algeria India Samoa
Bangladesh Iran, Islamic Rep São Tomé and Principe
Benin Kenya Senegal
Bhutan Kiribati Solomon Islands
Bolivia Kyrgyz Republic Sri Lanka
Cabo Verde Lao PDR Tanzania
Cambodia Lebanon Tajikistan
Cameroon Lesotho Timor-Leste
Comoros Mauritania Tunisia
Congo, Rep. Micronesia, Fed. Sts. Ukraine
Côte d'Ivoire Mongolia Uzbekistan
Djibouti Morocco Vanuatu
Egypt, Arab Rep. Myanmar Vietnam
Eswatini Nepal Zambia
Ghana Nicaragua Zimbabwe
Guinea Nigeria
Haiti Pakistan
Honduras Papua New Guinea

Like all other Citizen Ecosystems, those kickstarted under the program remain fully sovereign, 100% owned by its citizens.

Our Organisation

Global Level

At the global level 88.io's organisation is structured similar to that of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement with its 3 independent components:

  1. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent - international non-conflict focus
    Compute Coordinators - international project focus
    e.g. 88.io

  2. International Committee of the Red Cross - international conflict focus
    Compute Standardisers - international technology focus
    e.g. e164.name

  3. National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - national humanitarian focus
    Country Entities - national compute focus
    e.g. au.88.io

Country Entities has been designed to function like the movement's auxiliaries, with tighter government integration than typical non-governmental organisations (NGOs).


Unlike the National Societies, Country Entities typically hold substantial assets e.g. patents, infrastructures, citizen data etc.

Country Entities may be for-profit or non-profit. They are jointly owned by the governments and their citizens (the percentage of government ownership will vary from country to country).

Country Level



Our Principles

88.io operates under 8 principles that are inspired by the 7 principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Although our purpose is "to increase compute ownership" instead of Red Cross's "to reduce human suffering", we believe the more we fulfilling our purpose of transferring compute ownership from corporations to individuals, to more Red Cross will fulfil its purpose also.

Principle Definition
Dignity 88.io desires everyone to live a dignified life through universal compute ownership, returning to them the Controls, Assets and Trusts taken away by centralised compute.
Impartiality 88.io makes no discrimination as to nationality, race, sex, age, religion, location, wealth, health, status or political opinions.
Neutrality 88.io may not take sides in hostilities or engage at any time in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature.
Independence While Country Entities are in the services of their governments and subject to the laws of their respective countries, they must maintain their autonomy and act according to 88.io principles at all times.
Voluntary 88.io is a global non-profit based on voluntary work not prompted in any manner by desire for gain.
Diversity To prevent concentration of power and to promotion innovation, alternatives are encouraged at all levels. Where no alternative exist (e.g. Country Entity) it must be open to all, accountable to all, beneficial to all throughout its territory.
Universality 88.io is a worldwide organisation in which all Country Entities have equal status and share equal responsibilities and duties in helping each other.

The main differences between the 2 sets of principles are in the replacement of "Humanity" principle with the "Dignity" principle and in the addition of the "Diversity" principle.