iOS OsmAnd Mobile App

1. Introduction

Open Sourced.

Possible for OFFLINE location logging in iOS.

2. iOS

iOS Source Code:

iOS Download:


OsmAnd is an alternative but it is NOT recommended.

1. iOS

For iOS the recommended mobile app is Open GPX Tracker due to simpler operation:

OsmAnd iOS

Download and install OsmAnd from the App Store.

During the installation, you may be prompted to download the map of the region where you are located. It is recommended to do the installation using WiFi as the map size could be a few hundred megabytes and it might take a while for the installation to be completed [show image]

Once the installation has been completed, allow OsmAnd to use your location [show image].

The last step is to enable the "Track recording" plugin by clicking the
osmand_menu button which is located at the bottom left hand corner, select Plugins and enable the "Track recording" plugin [show]

To start recording your trip, click on the
osmand_menu button on the top right hand corner and select the OK button [show]

To end the recording, click on red "Rec" button again and select "Stop recording" [show image] and to save the track as GPX, select "Save current track" [show image]

To export the GPX file:

  1. Select the osmand_menu button and go to "My Places"
  2. Select the "Tracks" button [show image] to display the saved tracks [show image]
  3. Tap the menu button on the top right hand corner and select "Export" [show image] and "Save to Files" [show]