National Training Integration

National Training Integration

Country entities (e.g. are designed to leverage existing government training systems. In Australia is one such systems providing Nationally Recognised Training (NRT).

Currently we can providing funding to the first who like working outdoors who are currently unemployed in each Australian Region.

Area Mesh

While Mesh Stations are design to be deployed indoors near windows, they can be more effective in some cases when deployed on roof-tops.

In cases where the building has NOT been designed nor built with safe roof-top access, extra precautions MUST be applied to prevent injury or death.

Work Safely at Heights

A National Resource

Qualification from the following course is should be attained:

Managing Risk of Fails

A Region Resource

Pay particular attention to Section 9 (Ladders):

Managing-the-risk-of-falls-at-workplaces-COP.pdf (4.1 MB)