OwnTracks Android App

OwnTracks Android app is one of the many geo position sensor supported by Private Cyberspace.

It is an alternative to the default Android geo position sensor - Home Assistant Android App.

android mqtt settings default 88.io
Host blank mqtt.jeiheaxi2iu4phea.1.88.io
Port blank 51110
Client ID randomly generated phonetrack_sessionId
Use WebSockets disabled disabled
Username blank blank
Password blank blank
Device ID blank phonetrack_sessionId
Tracker ID blank blank
TLS enabled disabled
Clean Session disabled disabled
Keepalive blank blank
Show Regions disabled disabled
Enable Map Rotation enabled enabled
Extended Data enabled enabled
Last reported location enabled enabled
Events enabled enabled
Geocode errors enabled enabled
Remote Commands enabled enabled
Remote Configuration disabled enabled
Inaccurate locations 0 150
Minimal location displacement 500 50
Location interval 900 1800
Location interval (Move mode) 10 60
Limit max locator frequency disabled disabled
Encryption Key blank blank
Autostart enabled enabled
Reverse Geocode Provider Device (Google) Device (Google)

If Autostart is enabled (the app automatically starts on device boot), locations will not be received until the app is opened.

Device Specific Settings

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Model: SM-N975F/DS

  • Location - must be enabled
  • Battery - Optimised (default) or Unrestricted (optional, will reduce battery life)

Optus X Start 3 (ZTE)

Model: P501

  • Location - must be enabled
  • Battery - Automatic (default) or Allowed (recommended, allow the background running behaviour, will reduce battery life)