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Three sets of clusters are available and they all have identical submenus. Cluster Set defines the Cluster used and by default, Cluster A is the active cluster in use.

Tree Listing

  1. Fuzzy Block
  2. Agent Session
  3. Government Area
  4. Data Hub

1. Fuzzy Block


Neighbours: is the surrounding latitude and longitude of the location pin.

Status: to submit a status. In the example above, the status submitted is ppr which is positive PCR test result on October 26th.

Check: shows all status submitted in the area during the same 30 minute time block.

Block notification: set up a ringtone notification based on the status submitted.

2. Agent Session

a. Session List

This is the place to create or update the Agent Server URL which is needed by the Tracking Apps such as:

If a session has been created, the Session ID will be displayed and the Agent Server URL can be copied by clicking on the Traccar, OwnTracks or Home Assistant menu (a Guest or a Member alias required).

For Home Assistant, by default the Session ID is the Username and the Password.


b. Session Map

i. Private View

Private View is mainly for the account holder to view all tracking sessions (current and past), so it is not to be shared with others.

ii. Public view

Public View is the tracking session that can be shared to others.

3. Government Area

a. Speed Limit Alert

Being developed

b. Virtual Vaccine

1. Vaccination

Share, store and list the vaccination types and dates.

2. Test

Share, store and list the PCR and/or Rapid Antigen test and dates.

3. Quarantine

Share, store and list the Quarantine Start Date and End Date.

4. Symptoms

Share, store and list the Symptoms including the Start Date and the End Date.

5. Risks

Display areas of Covid positive cases in the last 28 days.

6. Masks

Share, store and list the types of Mask used.

7. Share

Share the type of identity and fuzziness.

c. Venue Permission

Being developed

4. Data Hub

This is the settings page for submitting PIN, Status, Photo etc to the hubs. The Personal Entity is only available to users with a Member alias.