OwnTracks iOS App


OwnTracks app is the default Geo-Position sensor for Personal Console on iOS.

ios mqtt settings default 88.io
TrackerID randomly generated blank
DeviceID randomly generated phonetrack_sessionId
Host host mqtt.jeiheaxi2iu4phea.1.88.io
Port 8883 51110
Websockets disabled disabled
Proto 4 4
TLS enabled disabled
UserID user user
Authentication enabled disabled
Password random disabled
Secret encryption key blank blank
ignoreStaleLocations blank 2
ignoreInaccurateLocations blank 150
locatorDisplacement 200 50
locatorInterval 180 1800
positions 50 1000
maxHistory 0 200
subQos 1 1
keepAlive 60 60
pubQos 1 1
willQos 1 1
monitoring 1 2
downgrade 0 10
ranging disabled enabled
extendData enabled enabled
locked disabled enabled
sub enabled enabled
cmd disabled enabled
pubrRetain enabled enabled
willRetain disabled enabled
cleanSession disabled enabled
allowRemoteLocation enabled enabled

1. Private Cyberspace

OwnTracks sends your position data into your Private Cyberspace by going through its geo position gateway at the following URL:




Currently only HTTP mode supported (not MQTT).

2. Alternative Backends

  1. OwnTracks Recorder
  2. Nextcloud PhoneTrack
  3. OwntracksRecorder
  4. Home Assistant