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Three sets of clusters are available and they all have identical submenus. Cluster Set defines the Cluster used and by default, Cluster A is the active cluster in use.

Timeline Pins

To provide a simple interface to non-technical users, Private Cyberspace stores you private timeline as Pins on your Daily Map..

1. Pin Format

1.1. Geo Record

These are 12 fields in the Geo Record separated by the ^ character. The Position of the values instead of English labels are used identify each field.

geo name synonyms description
1 lat latitude decimal latitude
2 lon longitude decimal longitude
3 timestamp tst, time unix timestamp
4 alt altitude altitude in meters (after correction e.g. SRTM, barometer)
5 pin pin type (e.g. web, touch etc.)
6 speed vel x 1000 / 3600 meters per second
7 accuracy acc, adjusted hdop accuracy in meters
8 course cog, heading, bearing, direction bearing in decimal degrees
9 loccode qrcode location code
10 venue venue id
11 btooth bluetooth beacon data
12 wifi bssid wifi beacon data

The Geo Record should be encrypted when stored (whether it is inside a database or a GPX file).

1.2. Event Record

event name synonyms description
2 activity still (1) or move (2)
4 alias meeting with other alias ids
5 addinfo additional info in key value pair
6 app application use to create pin
7 barcode scanned barcode at this location
8 barometer p atmospheric pressure (kPa)
9 battery bat, batt, power battery level in percent
10 batterystate bs unplugged (1), charging (2), full (3)
11 blockstatus status submitted to space time block
12 bbeacon bluetooth beacon uuid_major_minor_prox_rssi_acc (prox: immediate <1m near 1-6m far >6m, rssi:decibels, acc:meters)
14 carplate number plate of a vehicle
15 cmt comment, osmid location id
15 connection con wifi (w), mobile (m), offline (o)
18 desc description event id
19 deviceid tid device id
20 ele alt, altitude, elevation altitude in meters
21 level level in building, 0 is ground, negative is basement
22 monitor m coarse (1) or fine (2)
23 notes notes about a pin
24 os operating system
25 qrcode qrcode of trackpoint
26 receipt receipt at trackpoint in safe base64
27 src useragent source of trackpoint data
28 type category type or category of trackpoint
29 url url of trackpoint
30 vac vertical accuarcy
30 ssid wbeacon wifi beacon name

Note we are translating hdop (precision) into accuracy (metres), not because they are the same, but because some devices return (incorrectly) the accuracy in metres under the hdop synonym.

Venue Record

venue name synonyms description
12 nickname nickname of vcard
13 osmid OSM ID
12 email email address
13 phone phone number

2. Pin Storage

3. GPX Record

For better privacy and to maintain maximum compatibility across platforms only a limited amount of GPX fields are used.

gpx name section description
1 name trk name of the track
2 lat trkpt decimal latitude
3 lon trkpt decimal longitude
4 time trkpt utc in iso8601
5 ele trkpt elevation in meters
7 accuracy trkpt extensions accuracy in meters
9 batterylevel trkpt extensions battery level in percent
8 course trkpt extensions bearing in decimal degrees
6 speed trkpt extensions meters per second

Besides lat, lon, time all the other fields are optional.

GPX example:

  <trkpt lat="-33.879521" lon="151.204862">