Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is not just our priority, it is the reason why we exist.

Contact Trace Australia uses Private Cyberspace the world's first, and so far only, fine-grain privacy control technology to provide you with the best privacy protection available.

Our computing and storage operations are based on you performing them on your own devices, nothing can be more private than that!

Information Gathering

Contact Trace Australia gathers customer information in two ways: automatically during the course of interactions with you or we explicitly ask you to provide information to us.

Automatic information gathering may include IP address (numbers assigned to computers connected to the Internet) or phone number (only if your phone allows Call Line Identification). We use this information to avoid fraudulent registrations and prevent the abuse of our services. We may also use this information to provide specific services you requested (e.g. automatic login). We do not use or disclose this information under any other situations.

Contact Trace Australia provides anonymous accounts to you as a default. No identifying information is gathered about you, all your activities are linked to a number, even Contact Trace Australia does not know who is behind that number.

Some opt-in accounts are not anonymous, when you register to use those accounts, you will be asked for some general information that will enable us to provide you with our service. We may gather contact information (like your email address), demographic information (like your city of residence or age), and, if you choose to use some specific financial related services, financial information (like your credit card number and the expiry date).

Depending on which service you choose, you may be asked for more information required for that service. (For example, age and gender for a dating service, products on offer and opening hours for a retail service.) When not necessary, information is not linked in any way to your personal identifiable information. For example, in the case of a dating service, the information we might have is a 23 year old, female, and just that. There is no link to the name, phone numbers or even email addresses unless specifically enabled by the customer.

Information Usage

For the purpose of providing you with the services requested by you, it is possible that some of your information may be disclosed to some internal (e.g. Contact Trace Australia staff) and external (e.g. staff of banks processing your transaction) people on a need to know basis. Our partners and employees adhere to the strictest standards of confidentiality to protect your privacy.

We will only use the information you supply us in the course of providing our service to you. Where possible, only demographic and aggregated information of unidentifiable nature will be used.

All information we collected on you is not to be shared with any organisations not related to the delivery of services to you and is only ever disclosed in situations where required by law.

We use your contact information only to send you Contact Trace Australia service related information. We are not to give out your contact information to others for non-Contact Trace Australia service related purposes, such as promotional purpose. In fact, Contact Trace Australia constantly spend a fair amount of resources on fighting unsolicited messaging, or SPAM, any message from emails to SMS, in the on-line world.

Contact Trace Australia proactively minimises any disclosure of customer information to both internal and external parties. For example, rather than processing your credit card information through some third party clearing house, we have direct relationship with the banks and are, therefore, able to process the transactions ourselves; that way the points of potential exposure of your personal information are substantially reduced.

Information Security

When appropriate, your information with Contact Trace Australia are dealt with in an encrypted manner for transmission as well as storage. End-to-end encryption is used so even the Contact Trace Australia staff will not have access to it.

Most other on-line services claim they got secure servers, secure transmission, secure payment, secure socket layer (SSL) and so on, (e.g. padlock icon on your browser). But all they are doing is just turn on encryption between your browser and them, the information you sent them is neither stored nor transmitted in encrypted form thereafter. This gives people a false sense of security since the information is potentially available to the staff and any third party who works for those on-line services.

Information Integrity

Contact Trace Australia takes great care in maintaining the integrity and security of the information you provided. You have access to information held on you by Contact Trace Australia at anytime through the web or phone to verify the accuracy. You can also change the information provided by you to Contact Trace Australia at anytime.

Some information (like your passwords or Personal Identification Numbers) is not obtainable even by you for security reasons. Since the information is normally one-way encrypted i.e. cannot be read but can only be reset or overwritten with a new copy, Contact Trace Australia staff does not have access to this information either.

Contact Trace Australia supports the self-customisation model of privacy. You can selectively disclose whatever piece of information you deem appropriate to certain people you specify at any time. You can also update all this information yourself.


Our privacy policy is regularly reviewed to make sure we continue to serve the privacy interests of our customers. We reserve the right to change and update the privacy policy, and these changes will be posted here:

We encourage you to visit the web page from time to time to ensure you are aware of any changes we may have made.