Release Timeframes

Upcoming Private Cyberspace releases (subject to change):

Preview Release


Documentation: 40%
Stability: Low
Features: Defining
Audited: No
Country: Australia

Preview Release comes with a Newbie mode allowing contact tracing to be performed on the front page with 3 buttons - representing the 3 stages of citizen driven contact tracing.


Release Notes:

Trial Release


Documentation: 60%
Stability: Low
Features: Developing
Audited: No
Country: Australia

Trail Release expanded the problem space that Citizen Synergy Exchanges can solve substantially. Some highlights include:

  1. Beside reporting your health status, you can now report an endless number of statuses about you and the environment around you, from pot holes on the road to lost handbags to active shooter in the building.

  2. Another new feature is the change from a one way data COLLECTORS into bidirectional data EXCHANGES. All your reports are now tracked with blockchain secured y20coins, so you have a trusted ledger on how much data contributions you have made.

personalconsole copy

Release Notes:

23.10 Release


1. News

From this release onwards, we are moving to a predictable quarterly timeframe of releasing on first Wednesday of each quarter (within the 48 hour window of 24 hours before to 24 hours after 0:00 UTC).

  • 2023-10-04 release - 23.10
  • 2024-01-03 release - 24.01
  • 2024-04-06 release - 24.04

Features will be frozen at each quarterly release, will provide support and bug fixes for at least 24 months afterwards. Your local citizen ecosystems may choose to extend support and bug fixes for much longer periods.

2. Deliverables

The following should be completed by this release:

Documentation: 60%
Stability: Low
Features: Development
Audited: No

3. Countries

Only Australia Ecosystem available, experiences of overseas Private Cybersapce will be poor.

Deployment schedule within Australia:

  • 2023-10-04 - aunsw
  • 2023-11-08 - auvic, auqld, auwa
  • 2023-12-06 - ausa, aunt, autas, auact

Pioneer Bonuses available in this release quarter to both Australian and overseas Private Cyberspace owners.

4. Hardware

Reference hardware for this release:

Mesh Station 23.10
Home Station 23.10

24.01 Release


1. Plans

Bandwidth of the pilot cell in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong will be upgraded from 200Mbps to 500Mbps in October 2023.

2. Deliverables

The following should be completed by this release:

Documentation: 80%
Stability: Medium
Features: Testing
Audited: No

3. Countries

In additional to Australia, two more countries will have trial citizen ecosystems available:

  1. Australia - 2024-01-03
  2. United States of America - 2024-02-07
  3. China - 2024-03-06

24.04 Release


1. Plans

  • Use "overlayfs" instead of "fuse-overlayfs" for the Infinite Disk Folder, to improvement performance.

2. Deliverables

Documentation: 100%
Stability: High
Features: Stable
Audited: Yes

3. Countries

Put your country here by starting your own Citizen Ecosystem!

Currently planned deployment in the following countries:
Australia, Canada, China, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America.