Secured File Transfer

Infinite Disk provides you with end-to-end encrypted file transfer that works across all your devices. Since your files are encrypted before leaving your personal devices (phone, laptop etc.) no one except the intended parties have access.

Most Cloud services (e.g. Dropbox) do NOT encrypt your files end-to-end so your files are exposed to anyone that have access to their servers (e.g. employees, lawyers, hackers etc.).

Better security is just one of many advantages that your Private Cyberspace has over Cloud services.


Currently the secured transfer of your Files with Infinite Disk defaults to the open sourced FileSender software, which we will be providing instructions here.

File Sender enables you to send even very large files (by default up to 4 GigaByte but can be up to 1 TeraByte) to anyone securely.

Web Browser

Open your browser and Login at

  1. Enter the login details and click on the Login button.

  2. To start uploading files, click on the Select files button or simply drag and drop the files into the box above the Select files button.

  3. Once the file has been selected, click on the Send button.

  4. If the file has been successfully sent, a download link will be created.

  5. The download link created will allow other users to download the file by using the link on a web browser.

  6. To see how many times the file has been downloaded, click on My Transfers and scroll down to Files. In the example below, the image_test.png file has been downloaded two times.