Session Map


Session Map allow a Member to create a temporary web map anonymously to track the movements of multiple devices across any platform (iOS, Android, Windows etc.) in realtime for a duration defined by the Member.

1. Usage

  1. Creating Session Map: Session Map Creation
  2. Logging to Session Map: Public Web Log
  3. Viewing Session Map: Public Session Watch

2. Temporary Map

Session Map complements the other mapping services within the Location asset zone, by providing a temporary mapping service for the collection and display of the movements of multiple devices.


A web map that can be created anonymously and used be by anyone instantly without registration across any mobile devices, Session Map has numerous applications, from parents monitoring their children to friends tracking each other when touring a strange city to courier cartels doing deliveries.

3. PhoneTrack

Currently the Session Map is based on the open sourced PhoneTrack software:

User Guide:

PhoneTrack is an optional add-on to the open sourced Nextcloud software, Session Map is a demonstration of how can extract a narrow slice of features from this add-on and turned them into an independent online service.

Session Map Creation

On creation, Members can decide:

  1. Name of the Session Map
  2. How long the logging session will last from first logged location (default is 24 hours)

The Session Map will be deleted after the session ends. If there is no location logged at all after 7 days, the Session Map will be also deleted.

Public Web Log

Once the Session Map has been created you can start logging locations to it from multiple devices.

You can log locations from up to 100 devices under the same Session Map using its Session Token:

Session Name: david
Session Token: ef7e3d04709c0664b1208aa

1. Supported Location Sources

As of 0.7.0 version of PhoneTrack, the following 10 location sources are supported:

app android ios
web browser chrome safari
osmand f-droid app store
gpslogger f-droid
owntracks f-droid app store
ulogger f-droid
traccar f-droid app store
opengts google play app store
overland google play app store
locus map google play
http get http api http api


  1. Web Browser
    Use by people without any of the 8 logging software below, inserting their movement through their web browser. Toggle (OFF then ON) the tick box next to "Log my position in this session" to start logging.
    Use by any external software to insert movement into Session Map, all they need is an ability to issue a HTTP GET call with the required data like latitude and longitude.

2. Sample Log Page

The following web page is based on running Session Map with Session Token ef7e3d04709c0664b1208aa on entity vahfoom3iquahfah.


3. Traccar Client

For continuous logging of location in the background, the open sourced Traccar Client from the above list is recommended.

Apple iOS: iOS Traccar Mobile App
Google Android: Android Traccar Mobile App

4. Other Location Apps

  1. Location Apps

Public Session Watch

You can see all devices being track under the same session with it corresponding Watch Token.

Session Name: david
Session Token: ef7e3d04709c0664b1208aa
Watch Token: 48704c5d902e72720dd440e

In the sample session there are 3 devices:

  • 1stDevice
  • 2ndDevice
  • yourname

1. Sample Watch Page