Speed Ringtone Android


  1. Traccar app
  2. Mobile phone with an active SIM card (so it can receive calls)
  3. Member alias

Set up

  1. Go to https://app.contacttrace.com.au -> anonymous interaction -> Alias Notification.
  2. Enter or select the following
    Ringtone Type: Status
    Caller Phone: the Caller ID displayed when receiving the notification, e.g: 61282050080
    Callee Phone: your mobile number, e.g: 61410311070
    Callee Ringtone: Speed - my maxspeed (mms)
    Minimum Caller Type: can be any, e.g: Guest
    Minimum Exceed Speed: the exceeded speed in km/h before the notification is triggered, e.g: 1
    Expiry Date: the date the maxspeed notification is no longer active, e.g: 2024-07-17
  3. Click on the Create button.
  4. Enable the Realtime Notification by clicking on the Status button and put a tick on the Speed - my maxspeed (mms) - 61410311070 and click on the Submit button.


When you are in a 50km/h speed limit area and the vehicle you are in is travelling at 51km/h or faster, the maxspeed ringtone notification will be triggered and ring your mobile number.