Traccar iOS App

1. Introduction

Traccar iOS App is open sourced and is recommended for ONLINE location logging in iOS.

iOS Source Code:

iOS Download:

Always install or upgrade to the latest version of the iOS App.


Alias requirement: Guest or Member.

Traccar Client App can be used to log your movement in real-time. Other apps may work if they also use the osmand format.

Traccar App installation

Download and install the app from ‎Traccar Client on the App Store

Traccar App set up

  1. Using Safari browser, go to
  2. Go to MAP EXCHANGE -> Session Map -> Session List. If there is a "No Permission" prompt, please submit a location and status e.g: using a web pin.
  3. Enter the session name, tick on the Submit Map, enter the mobile number and click on the Create Session button. In the example below, the session name is "ios" and the mobile number is "61410311070".
  4. If the session has been created, it will be shown as below.
  5. Copy the the Relay Server URL link and paste it to the Server URL on the Traccar app. Enable the Service status button.
  6. Go to the Status page. If Location Update is shown, it means Traccar has been configured correctly.

Map server

To view what is being tracked by the Traccar app, go to MAP EXCHANGE -> Session Map -> Session List and click on the Download button. The grey pins will be imported and displayed on