Video Broadcast

The Video Broadcast application provides a community based alternative to large video sites like


Having a Blue Button means the Video Broadcast application is Server Encrypted during data transit (between end-user device to server) and when data is stored (on the server's permanent storage), but the server have access to the data.

Green button applications are End-to-End Encrypted, the data is encrypted before being sent to the server. So only the end-user devices have access to the data, the server does NOT.

1. Video Broadcast Introduction

The Video Broadcast application runs in information entity that is owned by a group of friends, relatives, neighbours . . . whatever . . . even by just one person!

2. Video Broadcast Positioning

Video Broadcast is designed to be ran on campus servers that you CANNOT trust fully.


The Campus servers are only used for storage and broadcast of PUBLIC video and audio. If you like to restrict viewers please put your video in your Home servers.

3. Application Access

Video Broadcast is available in your Personal Console (e.g. under the Server Encrypted application area within the CAMPUS application zone.