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Three sets of clusters are available and they all have identical submenus. Cluster Set defines the Cluster used and by default, Cluster A is the active cluster in use.

Tree Listing

community enity is currently divided into 1 category:

  1. Public Application

1. Public Application

Phone Server

A simple to use web based SIP phone application.

Mail Server

A web based mail interface that is available on mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. it can fully synchronise emails, contacts, events and tasks.

Hub Server

Hub account is automatically created when a Session List is created.

Meet Server

A Meet account needs to be created first. For details on how to create a Meet account, please click here.

Search Server

Search Server is a metasearch engine, aggregating the results of other search engines while not storing information about its users.

Video Server

The Video Server application provides a community based alternative to large video sites like

The Video Server application runs in a Disposable Node that is owned by a group of friends, relatives, neighbours . . . whatever . . . even by just one person!

For more details about Video Server, please click here.