Wireless Mesh Australia

WiFi Mesh in Australia

Private Cyberspace uses the wireless regulatory database in the Linux kernel to decide what frequencies to use and how to use those frequencies legally in each country.

In Australia those data are extracted from:

If you discovered any errors in the database, please send them to the Linux Wireless Mailing List.

Default Deployment

If possible, use 5.8 GHz band to connect from your device to your Station.
2.4GHz band should be reserved for Station to Station communication.

User Channels

5.8 GHz preferred.

Channel Frequency Width
149 5745 MHz 20 MHz
153 5765 MHz 20 MHz
157 5785 MHz 20 MHz
161 5805 MHz 20 MHz
165 5825 MHz 20 MHz

Cell Mesh Channels

2.4GHz preferred.

Channel Frequency Width
1 2402–2422 MHz 20 MHz
7 2432–2452 MHz 20 MHz
13 2462–2482 MHz 20 MHz