Home Assistant iOS App

Home Assistant Companion

App Store:


  1. https://companion.home-assistant.io



During the installation or configuration please allow all permissions requested, if prompted, such as Notifications, Critical Alerts, Location, Activity etc.

Four things are needed after the installation has been completed:

  1. Home Assistant address, example: https://device.quuvoo4ohcequuox.0.88.io
  2. Username
  3. Password
  4. Device Name (must be the same as the Username)

App Configuration

By default, in the "Details" the Name is "Home" and the Device Name is iPhone. Please replace these two to be the same as the Username

Location 88.io reference
Location Permission Always
Location Accuracy Full
Background Refresh Enabled
Zone enter/exit Enabled
Background fetch Enabled
Significant location change Enabled
Push notification request Enabled
Notifications 88.io reference
Permission Enabled
Sensors 88.io reference
Periodic Updated 1 minute
Motion Permission Enabled
Focus Permission Enabled
Activity Enabled
Average Active Pace Enabled
Battery Level Enabled
Battery State Enabled
BSSID Enabled
Connection Type Enabled
Distance Enabled
Floors Ascended Enabled
Floors Descended Enabled
Focus Enabled
Geocoded Location Enabled
Last Update Trigger Enabled
SIM 1 Enabled
SIM 2 Enabled
SSID Enabled
Steps Enabled
Storage Enabled