Traccar Android App


OsmAnd is a lean mobile Map application for both Android and iOS that is compatible with the PhoneTrack software bundled with most Private Cyberspace. Great for ONLINE location logging in Android.


Android Source Code:

Android Download:

Traccar App installation

Alias requirement: Guest or Member.


Traccar App set up

  1. Using Chrome browser, go to
  2. Go to Citizen Timeline -> Agent Session -> Session List-> Create Session. If there is a "No Permission" prompt, please submit a location and status e.g: using a web pin.
  3. Copy the the traccar link in the Relay Server URL by clicking on it, e.g: and paste it to the Server URL on the Traccar app.
  4. Copy the last part of the Relay Server URL after the /traccar/ and paste it to the Device identifier, e.g: 3ce3d7e890e7710295970c168493aa3e/3c
  5. Set the Location accuracy to High
  6. Set the Frequency to 1800
  7. Set the Distance to 50
  8. Set the Angle to 0
  9. Tick on the Offline buffering and Wake lock
  10. Enable the Service status button.


  1. Go to the Status page. If Location Update is shown, it means Traccar has been configured correctly.



In order for Traccar to work properly, the app needs to have the following permissions on the Android device:

  1. Location - Allow all the time
  2. App battery usage - Unrestricted (allow battery usage in background without restrictions)

Import to Map

To import the pins and have them displayed on the map on, click on the location_pin button -> Import Pin -> Import Pins from Remote Server -> Select the date and click on the Download button.

If successful, grey pins will be displayed on the map.