Low Cost Mobile Phones

Smart Phones that can capture GNSS, Wifi, Bluetooth signals etc. have dropped substantially in price. Instead of using some custom hardware solution, it is normally cheapest just to get a "supermarket" phone as a data collection device:

  1. AU$39 as of 2021-08-02
  2. AU$47 as of 2023-04-23

All the phones listed are capable of functioning as a Personal Console for your Private Cyberspace.

If you cannot afford new phones, most second hand phones no more than 5 years old should also be good enough.

Pagers may be cheaper providing a very limited Personal Console but NOT they recommended in locations with cell phone coverage.

Telstra Essential Smart 2 4GX

AU$39 on 2021-08-02

  1. Android 9 Go
  2. 1G RAM
  3. Bluetooth
  4. WiFi
  5. GPS receiver
  6. 4G cell network


Optus X Start 3

AU$47 on 2023-04-23