Personal Console

Personal Console gives owners the ability to control their Private Cyberspaces through a single user interface.


Cross Platform

Just ONE CLICK is needed to turn a computing device into a Console Device.

To enable maximum coverage across different devices, Private Cyberspace's main user interface (the Personal Console) is web browser based.


1. Device Support

Currently the following user devices are supported in the operation of Private Cyberspaces:

  1. Apple iOS
    iOS User Guide

  2. Google Android
    Android User Guide

  3. Microsoft Windows

  4. Apple macOS

  5. Linux

2. Dual Browsers

It is recommended to use at least 2 web browsers on your device to separate your Private Cyberspace web traffic with your other web traffic.

For those with stronger security requirements, the 2 web browsers should be ran inside separate virtual machines (e.g. Virtual Box) and not directly on the device itself.

2.1. Private Web Browser

Currently the following web browsers are recommended to be used with Private Cyberspace:

  • Safari for iOS and macOS
  • Chrome for Android, Windows and Linux

2.2. Public Web Browser

Currently Firefox is the recommended web browser to be used OUTSIDE of Private Cyberspaces.

Suggest Plugins for Firefox:

Disposable Node

Just ONE COMMAND is needed to turn a computing device into a Node Device.