Virtual Vaccine

1. Introduction

Apple and Google could have ended the whole pandemic within weeks using the data on people's phones, months before vaccine availability. If the Cloud can control how you think, it certainly knows whether you have been exposed. Virtual Vaccine now gives YOU that same power with just ONE CLICK.

2. Privacy Conundrum Solved

Perfect visibility into virus locations and instant alerts to relevant parties, will stop ANY outbreak.

However, traditionally it is not possible to have both absolute privacy and perfect visibility since personal deta will be exposed to external parties, giving them detailed knowledge of everyone's movements (to locate them) and identities (to notify them).

Virtual Vaccine solves the Personal Privacy vs Virus Visibility conundrum by giving citizens the capability and incentive to collect and process data privately on their own devices instead of sending their raw data away to remote computing facilities for processing.


With just ONE CLICK, citizens can instantly add the computing power and private data on their mobile phones into the global pandemic fighting arsenal and claim rewards proportional to their contributions.

2.1. Unique Features

Giving millions of citizens compute power instead of exposing their data to a few organisations they have no control of, allows Virtual Vaccine to:

  1. Make use of the most private and detailed data of the citizens.
  2. Scale up seamlessly to match outbreaks of any size.
  3. Operate without government funding by utilising existing devices.
  4. Provide income to citizens for contributions of compute and data.

Resulting in game changing new capabilities to end the pandemic:

  1. Locate virus precisely down to METRES.
    Reduce affected population from THOUSANDS to DOZENS
    No more collateral damage - less testing - less isolation.

  2. Notify others anonymously and AUTOMATICALLY.
    Reduce contact tracing times from DAYS to MINUTES
    No more delayed alerts - less deaths - less variants.

Virtual Vaccine is a CITIZEN ASSISTED pandemic control application that overcomes ALL hurdles limiting citizen contributions in data centric community projects.

As government contact tracing systems are overwhelmed , Virtual Vaccine provides the ONLY WAY to alert close contacts that people tested positive either do not know about or do not want to notify themselves.

By hunting the virus down precisely and isolating it rapidly at zero costs. Short vaccine protection duration and new variants are no longer of concern even as restrictions ease.

3. Vaccine Problems Fixed

Virtual Vaccine and Real Vaccine operate at the OPPOSITE ENDS of the visibility spectrums.

Real Vaccine does not know where the virus is, so needs to jab everyone.
Virtual Vaccine knows exactly where the virus is, so needs to notify just a few.

Virtual Vaccine gives citizens and their governments a NEW OPTION, an alternative to vaccines that will protect us from COVID and any other future infectious germs.

At this late stage of the COVID pandemic, Real Vaccination is a vital part of fighting COVID, Virtual Vaccine is a complement, not a replacement.

Major Real Vaccine problems solved by Virtual Vaccine include:

  1. Short Protection Duration - CNBC 2021-12-08
    Virtual Vaccine works as long as you want it to work, no need for any "booster" after only 4 months.

  2. Continued Vaccine Hesitancy - Forbes 2021-12-27
    Virtual Vaccine protects both those that have been vaccinated and those that have NOT.

  3. Difficult Negotiation - Pharmaceutical Tech 2021-02-23
    The power of Virtual Vaccine comes from millions of citizens as opposite to a few pharmaceutical companies - no more one sided negotiation.

  4. Slow Vaccine Deployment - Nature 2020-12-18
    Virtual Vaccine can handle new virus and variants within days without months of new development, no low temperature transports, no injection queues, no new government approvals required - just one click for instant update.

  5. Expensive Vaccine Deployment - Australia Health 2021-12-14
    Virtual Vaccine can generate income for citizens using the latent value of their data to offset any of their costs associated with fighting COVID - yes - it is virtually free.

  6. Less Effective against Long COVID - Nature 2021-11-23
    Virtual Vaccine avoids initial infection thus also prevents Long COVID which can affect 1 in 3 patients.

  7. Potential Health Risk - TGA Australia 2021-12-23
    Virtual Vaccine is NOT injected into the body, just installed on the mobile phone and can be removed at anytime.

  8. Frequent Boosters Warning on Immune Response - Bloomberg 2022-01-12
    With Virtual Vaccine the more frequent data points are collected, the more insight and income the citizen gain.

  9. High Breakthrough Percentages - Minnesota Health 2021-12-27
    Virtual Vaccine operates independent of real vaccine design and physiology of individuals, thus preventing on-going transmissions, severe illnesses, long covid and deaths in breakthrough cases.

  10. Dangerous Variants from Selective Pressure - CNN 2021-07-03
    Virtual Vaccine does NOT encourage new vaccine resistant variants by providing asymptomatic environments for their evolution.


3.1. Stop Ongoing Carnage

No matter how "mild" is Omicron or how "high" is the vaccination rate, vulnerable people are still dying and getting hospitalised in large numbers.

  • 6.9% of ALL DEATHS in United Kingdom are still due to COVID (week ending 2022-02-25).
  • After being flat for a while COVID deaths in Australia started climbing even when 94.7% of 16 years or above are fully vaccinated.


Australian homicides (0.7 a day) and road deaths (3.1 a day) are often on the news, if someone is killing 29 people A DAY there will be massive community outrage. Yet that is the number of COVID deaths reported today 2022-03-11.

Increased COVID deaths and hospitalisations reduce services to elective surgeries, non-COVID patients and may even cause their deaths.

Beside preventing hospitalisations and deaths, Virtual Vaccine can also stop national-wide productivity lost and reduced economic activity that come with mass infection of the population.


Protecting BOTH the vulnerable AND the economy is now possible at NO cost to the taxpayers.

WIth Virtual Vaccine, there is now NO excuse for leaving anyone behind.


Above Photo "Birthday" by Brais Lorenzo Couto - Siena Awards 2021, taken during celebration of the birthday of Elena PĂ©rez, 98, in a nursing home in Ourense, Spain, two weeks after she survived COVID.

3.2. Benefits Beyond COVID

Unlike other COVID interventions, Virtual Vaccine helps build a nation's economy (instead of obliterate it).

In addition to stopping pandemics, the same citizen infrastructure with the unique abilities of solving the privacy, cost and easiness problems ALL AT THE SAME TIME can be used in an unlimited number of projects large and small.

Using the same mobile, wifi and bluetooth signals collected to locate COVID, citizens can starting building a sovereign terrestrial indoor capable geo-positioning system for their own country - no satellites nor rockets needed!

Beside grandiose national projects, a world where personal privacy and community visibility can not just coexist, but work together in a synergistic way, is transformative at every level.

With Virtual Vaccine citizens are offering insights to each other in a privacy preserving way to fight COVID. The same Fuzzy Blockchain technology can be used to offer insights in many other areas.


Use the same QR code check-in for COVID to give invaluable statistics to your local cafe - it will not know who you are but it will know when the first customer arrived, when the last one left, when it was the busiest etc. In fact if it has bluetooth or wifi installed, you might NOT even need to scan, just share those events with the cafe and walk in and out without stopping!

The built-in barcode scanner is not just good at registering the rapid antigen test kit you used, it can also scan the barcode on the bottle of the milk you drank - in both cases you have a chance of selling data to the manufacturers.

From getting out of the way of emergency vehicles in real-time, to finding a person missing from a week ago, from passing on a whole lifetime's digit assets to strangers, to knowing whether that handsome man online is telling the truth ... the possibilities are endless.

4. End Pandemic In 2-Steps

Just go to and you will be redirect to the closest server to you (e.g.
where Virtual Vaccine will then be installed into your web browser.

  • NO download from App Stores or Play Store
  • NO sign-up to any service or create any account
  • NO advertisement or any unsolicited interruption
  • NO leaking of data outside of your phone
  • NO username, email, phone number etc. needed
  • NO charge for use, distribution, modification (refer to license)
  • NO hidden operation (source code is published publicly)

Once installed it will ask permission to access your location, like any other data collected by Virtual Vaccine, the location data collected is used to display your location on your phone to you only.

Virtual Vaccine is operated through a user friendly map interface on your browser. You simply place location pins on the map (manually or automatically) as you move around. Information are then attached to each of those pins.


Help fight COVID surgically WITHOUT blunt instruments like lock downs and border closures by exposing the virus precisely and cutting its legs off rapidly with a simple 2-Step process:

  • Step 1: Collect Data - Locate virus PRECISELY with Data Fusion.
  • Step 2: Share Data - Isolate virus EARLY with Preemptive Tracing.

4.1. Collect Data

Instead of gathering information a few minutes a day through a SINGLE app's QR codes and Bluetooth signals in one country, Virtual Vaccine has built in QR scanner and Bluetooth detector to capture information 24 hours a day from ANY COVID app's QR codes and ANY Bluetooth signal across ALL countries.

Virtual Vaccine also collects non-COVID specific codes and signals into the citizen's mobile phone, so the data can all be fused together to create a high resolution picture of the citizen's movement.


From scanning Alipay and Wechat QR codes in retail shops to logging bluetooth signal strengths from nearby earbuds to calling in by phone to tell us your location (+61499331111), every bit of data is used to reduce the collateral damage (unnecessary testing, isolation etc.) to people who are NOWHERE near the positive cases.

Citizens contribute enough processing power to fuse all sorts of data - even NEGATIVE test results (if you have been living with people for the pass 7 days and they all just have negative test results then your chance of being infected is lowered even if you have not been tested yet).

Virtual Vaccine collects everything, from barcodes of your rapid antigen tests to the wifi signals of your neighbour, so maximum amount of data can be brought to bear on COVID.

Data Fusion provides unprecedented situation awareness, reducing lockdown population from THOUSANDS to DOZENS by locating the virus precisely down to metres. Ubiquitous data collection and analysis enable resources to be allocated properly e.g. preventing long quarantine, testing and vaccination queues.

4.2. Share Data

Instead of waiting for the test result, Virtual Vaccine starts contact tracing using citizen computing resources when a person first has concerns, tracing is well underway BEFORE the person has even arrived at a centre to get tested.


Some people might not want to be identified to others that they have been tested positive, they have not been vaccinated etc. yet they do want to warn others.

High risk people (aged care workers, family members etc.) can choose to receive Early Notifications, warning them to take care BEFORE the test result is out.

Virtual Vaccine can perform the bulk of the contact tracing workload automatically and anonymously, freeing up human contact tracer to supervise its operation and handle difficult cases.

Virtual Vaccine is the world's first to reduce the recommended contact tracing time in Dr Alan Finkel's National Contact Tracing Review from 2 DAYS down to 2 MINUTES.

Besides earlier notification than any other contact tracing systems, Virtual Vaccine also provide wider coverage than any other contact tracing system.

Your data now follows you instead of the government, so sharing of data no longer needs to be confined to one country - allowing seamless crossing of borders.


Virtual Vaccine automatically detect the change in jurisdiction down to local government level in real-time (as displayed below), giving you information on local laws and update you on local risks.


5. Get Started Now

If you are in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America, you can access Virtual Vaccine early releases now by going to with your browser and you will be redirected to the closest server to you.

Virtual Vaccine is already multilingual capable and will be available to the rest of the world from the initial release on 2022-02-22. The overall timeline is available at Timeline.

If the server returned by does NOT match the country you are in, you can help deploy one in your country, customised to local culture and laws by joining the Global Deployment program.

The early releases are being updated continuously as we transition to production releases, so they are not stable but should give you a feel of what's to come. Feel free to contact us for support at anytime.

Virtual Vaccine is just the tip of the Citizen Application spear. There are many exciting opportunities ahead, we look forward to working with you in building more equitable information ecosystems.